Saturday, 3 April 2010

Easter Egg?

Finding a doctor in a haematology unit is like finding an Easter Egg in a piece of software. Everyone tells you it's there, but finding the right combination can be tricky!

It all started yesterday, well Thursday I suppose. Mike had his Pamidronate on Thursday and yet again it made him feel ill, by evening his legs had swollen and he was getting a lot of bone pain. He took some pain killers before bed, but was restless through out. I was aware that he was tossing and turning and did ask a couple of times if he needed anything, but I didn't wake up enough to realise how ill he was feeling. When morning came and I took his temperature it was 38.2. Oops, how did I let it get that bad! So I called the CHU, and after an eternity someone answered the phone.
"What's the problem?"
I explained.
"Can it wait until the day case staff arrive?"
I don't know you silly woman is what I was thinking!
"I'll call you when they arrive."
5 minutes later the phone rings.
"I've just realised it's a bank holiday and there are no day case staff. Can you take him to EAU?"

Now I'd never heard of EAU and thought she had meant AEU you know Casualty or ER.... I was wrong, there is something called an Emergency Admissions Unit. Wow you learn something new every day! The staff there were brilliant, by now Mike was completely spaced out and the question and answer session was mostly with me. It made me realise just how important it is to have someone with you when you are going through all this MM and treatment. Mike couldn't remember much more than his name never mind what treatment he was having and on which days!

They took him off for a chest x-ray, gave him fluids and IV antibiotics, anti-sickness drugs and a nice dose of Tramadol. The Tramadol just about finished him off and no sense was had from him til tea time, although he did manage to eat his lunch, poached fish in parsley sauce!

After about four hours in EAU Mike was taken up to the CHU, (just in time for his aforementioned lunch. ) Eventually the consultant on call, Dr SH turned up. Yet again I had to explain Mike's treatment. (Why weren't his notes available on the ward?) Yet again I got the impression I was talking a foreign language, worrying as I was talking to a haematologist! May be it is me!

Well I'm off to visit Mike now. They've already told him he won't be discharged today, so I face a second night alone, good practice for Mike's SCT. (If i was a suspicious person I might think that Mike is trying to tell me something, tomorrow was going to be a day off from work for him, with no appointments to interrupt our day! He's managed to get out of it!)


  1. Why do men always get ill on Bank Holiday weekends?! I think it is a genetic fault! Hope Micky is feeling better - you definitely did the right thing to take him in.

  2. So sorry to hear this. I hope things begin to settle down for you two as treatment continues... we're thinking of you.

  3. Shame on you for letting Mike get a temperature of 38.2!!!!!!!!! These things happen, DON'T fret and don't blame yourself I'm sure Mike doesn't. (I have another friend who's a 'worry wort' so I have a sneaky feeling you'll still fret.)

    I am so used to being 'Home Alone' that when we were in Edinburgh B came to bed several hours after me and attempted to wake me up because I was taking up 2/3 of the bed. Upon being asked where he was going to sleep because I was taking up so much room I apparently said 'Well you should have come to bed earlier' and stayed where I was.

  4. Lorna

    How long was his infusion?
    The messages on ACOR list (IMF ) majority have Aredia over 4 hours to prevent flu like symptoms and damage to kidneys.
    I'm Zometa and always ask 30 mins instead of 20 mins.

  5. Thanks for the information Sue. Funnily enough I had looked on the manufacturer's site this morning to find out about side effects and discovered that they say it should be given over 4 hours for MM patients. He had been getting it over one and a half hours!!!