Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sunday lie in? No chance.

Not much to report. We still haven't won the lottery, despite playing both the national lottery and the euro one. We always seem to be one number off, picking 10 instead of 11, 25 instead of 24 etc. We'll keep trying.

Mike wasn't feeling too good last night, it would appear that two days after the Velcade or the day after dex (we're not sure which) he finds that his bones really ache and he becomes more breathless. Despite that we went off to the cinema to see Avatar in 3D, it was better than staying in with three giggling 15 year olds! Oh the joys of teenage sleep overs! By the time we got back we had missed MOTD (but that's OK because it's repeated on a Sunday morning!) and "had" to watch the Football League Show in order to get our Saturday fix of football and yet we still managed to miss the goals from our team! I wish like Mike I could manage on six hours sleep, (I think I must have used up my broken night's quota with the kids.) I'm just getting more exhausted with each passing week.


  1. How was Avatar? - I heard that apart from the 3D effects it would be quite easy to sleep through the story line. Oh, and how's Mike feeling this morning?

  2. Mike seems fine this morning, a bit too fine as it was him that decided 7 o'clock was more than late enough to be sleeping!
    Avatar was interesting. I liked it as it's pure fantasy with a moral message (and of course the love interest angle). I'm not sure it would be to everyone's taste though.

  3. Lorna,
    You need to find time to relax or you will get totally frazzled! Just saying...

  4. Avatar is well worth watching for the special effects (in a 3d cinema) but the storyline is sort of gets away with it though as the effects make up for everything else. I wouldn't bother with it on dvd though.
    Hope Mike is still doing ok.

  5. I appreciate your concern Ruth, but I think it might be too late....