Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Rhubarb grumble

I was going to have a really good grumble about certain bits of the NHS. About the nurse who was put out by the idea of Mike needing treatment on Easter Monday, if he went ahead it would be very inconvenient as she'd have to work and she told him he was making things awkward for her! About how the pharmacy takes forever to make the prescription up, then when you go back to them, they tell you they haven't got the stuff!
Instead I have decided to focus on the lovely rhubarb crumble that I am going to make to be served with custard after tea, which reminds me of the old cartoon Roobarb. Things often didn't go right for him either!


  1. Gosh, that was a real blast from the past. I remember watching that at my Great Auntie Bet's (she was also a great aunt) as a girl, on a Friday night when we had a chippy tea from the local chippy where you took your own plates and got 'scraps'. Things have only moved on slightly with Pixar Studios productions! It also brought back memories of having a stick of raw rhubbarb and a bag of sugar!

  2. Great cartoon - and a new one for me! When I was a young boy, my Grandmother in central Michigan, US, would try to pass off rhubarb/ strawberry pie as cherry pie- my favorite. My parents forced, er.. convinced me to eat it and smile. Your rhubarb crumble sounds wonderfully good, but Roobarb has vindicated the good name of rhubarb for me. Your blog will be one of my daily visits, Lorna. Thanks! Keep taking good care of each other. Sean.