Friday, 5 March 2010

The plot thickens, a bit like my head.

Mike and I have just got back from the hospital. After Wednesday's episode Mike had been asked to pop back at 8:30 to find out the results. Obviously at 9:45 we were still sitting in the waiting room and started to wonder "why it is that doctors are always late?" Is there ever a point in their day when they are on time? Do they even manage to get up on time? Why say come in at a specific time if they know they never make it? Anyway we were eventually seen by Dr MM (very apt initials) who seemed as bemused by the problem as us. Despite stopping all the drugs the problem remains. The most interesting thing that I discovered was......... wait for it........ that although Mike's wee is pink and definitely looks like it has blood in it, there isn't a red blood cell to be found! That's right the redness isn't red blood cells but something else (I've done a bit of extra research and found out it could be haemoglobin the stuff that makes r.b.c. red.) Dr MM decided it might be best if she went and spoke to Dr SB. Mike's condition obviously intrigues him as he left his clinic to come and see us (sorry those who were waiting to see him.) Eventually he decided that until Mike has seen an urologist that it is best not to take anymore CDT, in fact he hinted that another regime altogether might be used.
See, I told you the plot thickens, along with my poor head trying to process all the extra information.


  1. Are the doctors aware of all meds Mike is on?
    My daughter had to take a med last year. I think it was a type of antibiotic, and it did this to her urine so some drugs can do that. Of course,
    if he's been eating beets, that'll do it to.
    I didn't know that and freaked myself out some years ago after having some.

  2. They know everything that he is taking as they prescribed it all. In fact apart from the antibiotic they prescribed on Wednesday, when his wee was already red, he isn't taking any other meds, not even the humble paracetamol.He hasn't been eating anything that would cause it, no beets or rhubarb. The consultant was as bemused as us.