Monday, 15 March 2010

" If I were a rich man"

Oops, wrong movie, that's Fiddler On The Roof.
But then again I'm on my dex again so maybe
Today at the day case ward for my Velcade was uplifting. Not only was it on the second floor, I learned that the treatment only takes 3 seconds once they have set up the cannula and best of all I overheard a nurse say " these must be the wrong notes...he's never 55 yrs old!" She took loads of persuading over a good few seconds before she believed the
I can feel a trip to Thorntons coming on before my next appointment.
On a more serious note, I'm relieved that finally I'm on treatment again and I'm very thankful that the staff have assured me they will do their level best to get me out and back to work quickly whenever they can.....bless them xx.
I got to see Dr.SB again unexpectedly because no consent form had been done for the Velcade, and apparently they can't kill me without permission (and I am quoting the Matron here). He appeared pleased to see me and asked how the haematuria was, (notice he used the technical term when he spoke to me...polishing nails on, and then nearly fell off his chair laughing when I quoted an article that had put my mind at rest, that Lorna had found on the trusty Internet. It was in relation to the blood in urine problem, but was written by a VET. I tried to explain that we are all animals, but he just kept laughing for some reason.

Mike .

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  1. Good to hear they are treating you as an individual! Yes, the treatment only takes seconds, but in our experience they won't order the drug from pharmacy until you "clock in" and then it takes at least half an hour after the doctor signs the prescription for the drug to arrive... which is fine on day one with a 9am appointment, but then it gets progressively later each time because of the number of hours required between doses, so they count from the actual time the drug was given, not the appointment time... so 9am becomes 10.30am becomes noon becomes.... Good luck!!! :)