Friday, 12 March 2010

How to break a camel's back.

Easy, send an appointment for the urologist that is five weeks after treatment has started again, when the consultant wanted the results before!
"Yes the file is marked urgent, I don't understand how it can have happened that way."
This camel has well and truly got the hump!!!


  1. You might try having Mike's consultant call the urologist and make the appt. We've had this happen where the doctor or his/her office staff gets on the phone and all the sudden they find a time to fit you in when you really need to be seen. It's amazing how much better people listen to someone who has an M.D. or R.N. after their name.

  2. To be fair Mike's consultant was on the phone to them on Monday, explaining how urgent it was and he was told they would send an appointment through the post (which they did but completely unsuitable!)Mike did call haematology today and spoke to one of the other consultants as his was off on another day of annual leave. Dr J said turn up Monday morning, speak to Dr SB, and chances were that he would be seen!

  3. Wonderful news.... the urology department has excelled and brought forwards Richards meeting with Cath to this Saturday morning xxxxx