Saturday, 27 March 2010

Dawn chorus.

This is Mike at 7 o'clock this morning. Posing in his cancer kicker bracelet and football shirt to prove we are in the UK. This is actually no proof at all as his mate in Australia is also a Baggie and his wife decided to keep things fair and became a Wolves fan!!! (for the benefit of our US fans, think Wolverines and Buckeyes!)

Now any normal person would have been either fast asleep, or too bleary-eyed to pose, but he'd been awake since 3:10. I'm not sure what time he actually got out of bed, but at 5:30 Toni thought she'd come and find me because obviously I was meant to be up as "daddy" was cleaning the kitchen! (Yes I'm grateful to Mike, but not to Toni.)

I'd read up on the side effects of dex and hoped that there would be some respite from the nocturnal wanderings, unfortunately there just aren't enough days between doses for it to wear off! I would ask for my money back or an exchange, but I've only just got this one comfy! ;-)

Toni dominating in a Cancer Kicker bracelet.
I know she looks fierce, but she was yawning as I took the picture.

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