Thursday, 25 February 2010


Well tomorrow is the big day (at least we think it is) although the way our luck is going with the NHS we'll probably be seen by a cleaner who will tell Mike to take some painkillers and come back in another month. No-one in their right mind would wish to start chemo. but given the circumstances we are both looking forward to something being done to try and help Mike fight.


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  1. Hi Mike and Lorna,
    Just wanted to wish you both all the best for tomorrow. I hope that things move how you want them to.
    I know that feeling of wanting treatment to start....I keep thinking along those lines, but then think that I can't bear to start treatment while the kids are still so young.
    By the way, have you thought about changing your hospital? I have a really good one where the consultant sets his own appointments (and always fits them around not only me, but Nick as well). It's been enough to stop me going elsewhere! I believe that you can choose to go to any hospital you want to??
    Anyway, all the best for tomorrow.