Wednesday, 10 April 2019


The worse thing about our current situation is the loneliness. No one visits, no one calls, we don't even get emails or text messages. It feels like no one cares, Mike believes they do but just can't cope with the situation and so block it, and us, out of their everyday lives. 

Sometimes the current situation of being alone with Mike leaves me terrified of the future when I don't even have him for company. The reality of course is that I will be free to go out and meet new people, how and where is yet to be decided, there will be plenty of time . 

My days are spent looking after Mike and pottering in the garden. The very changeable British weather makes it difficult as a sudden cold spell after an unseasonably warm spell has the poor plants confused and shocked. It also has Mike struggling for breath as the much needed heating in the house dries the air and the heat outside makes him struggle too, the catch 22 situations of life. 


  1. Dear Lorna,
    I read all your posts and often feel so sad for you but don't know what to do. My husband has myeloma but so far surviving reasonably well, not without hiccups of course, and it's always stressfull. Don't you have family or friends that you can talk to and ask to visit, to at least break the monotony? I know people find it hard to understand myeloma, and they may not realise how dire your situation is, so please try to get some support. Thinking of you,

    1. Dear reader,
      Alas it is the fact that family and friends are avoiding us both that caused me having to post about our loneliness.
      I am sorry that you and your husband are having to cope with the stress of myeloma, I hope things continue to be as smooth as possible with only minor hiccups to contend with.


  2. Lorna-I've been out of touch with the MM community, but thought to pop by Paula's blog to see if it was still there and found your post from 2017, so I came over here to catch up. I am so very sorry to hear that Mike is not having the many visitors who should be there. I cannot understand why people don't want to be with friends/family that might soon be leaving us. I just spent a weekend with a relative who will most likely be gone in the next 2 months and would love to be able to see him every day until he's not longer here. I am thinking of you and hoping for some peace & comfort for you and Mike.


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