Thursday, 22 January 2015

Bad Lorna!

Well it has been a month since I blogged. Christmas is a far off memory and I didn't even wish you all a Happy New Year! 

Still I thought I would share with you all the photos of Toni and her gift. 

Left me have a taste.

Nose licking good.

Death shake!!!

I didn't hurt her.

Another quick taste.

A better death shake!!!!


Oh dear.

Sorry mommy. 
The tennis ball lasted about 2 minutes and is now in the bin, the rabbit was re-stuffed and sewn and is now happily residing in Toni's toy bag. 

I'm currently struggling with my life as the "designated take care of people" person whilst simultaneously missing my brood of children. Not enough different voices in the house. 

I really must try and blog on a more regular basis. May be someone could suggest a theme.


  1. The emotional ups and downs of MM make normal life difficult at times, but then suddenly like an unexpected rainbow good news puts all the yucky stuff at a distance. Abraham Hicks says when you visualize happy things it makes things better... perhaps your readers can share some happy stories around MM... like a granddaughter trying to explain her father"s illness to a pal..."He has a blood problem that makes him grumpy once a month, kinda like Mom."

    1. I hope that rainbow appears soon, Mike's health is rapidly deteriorating, although we're told it isn't MM.

  2. I missed your last post about Mike being OK. I am so glad! I was worried.

    Dogs love to destuff their toys. It makes them feel like a great and mighty hunter!

    1. Hi Birdie, toys are better than catching the pigeons (she got one the other day.)

  3. You need to remember to care for yourself properly too. We all do. Perhaps you could explore ways to do just that and inspire us all. Something done just for you, even an hour a week. It could be a walk in the park with your camera or any number of things.

    1. I will try and think of something inspirational. x