Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Two years.

I still find it hard to believe that Paula is no longer around to poke fun at us, entertain us and comfort us. We still miss her terribly, but we have reached a stage where thoughts of Paula bring more smiles than tears, although writing this has got me all teared up. 

We often ask each other "I wonder what Paula would have to say" when we see something funny or think "I must tell Paula" only to realise we can't. Only a month ago I pointed out to Mike that despite three attempts, I could not get my courgette seeds to grow and that I reckoned Paula was interfering as she hated them. Since I pointed it out she obviously felt guilty and I now have several healthy plants. Thanks Paula.

I looked back at all the wonderful things that were said on Facebook and her blog as news of her death filtered through. The impact she had and I think still has, was tremendous. We are all better for having shared even a small part of her with Bernard and of course Buddy. Paula might have been small, but she had the heart of a lion and more compassion than there is water on Earth. 

We all miss you Paula. 

Photograph from the remembrance book at Paula's funeral  


  1. For a tiny person, she had a huge presence. So wish I could have met her in person. You are so right, we are all better for having known her.

  2. That is such a beautiful photograph.
    Thank you for marking the date and making me remember some of the fun blog times we shared :)

  3. dear Lorna - thanks so much for showing the beautiful photo of Paula. she left her mark on so many of us, and lived her life out loud so remarkably, so authentically, so humorously. much love, Karen

  4. Our Myeloma Buddies smile at us every day and make us think of Paula. Her quick wit, talent, smile, and writing will never be forgotten. I pray Bernard and Buddy are coping. We all miss her. Thank you for sharing your remembrances and this lovely picture.