Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas Confession

Hello everyone. My name is Lorna and I'm a hoarder-holic. I am also a very, very bad housewife. 

I may of mentioned it before, but I felt the need to confess it once more, especially as the last two days have been spent tidying and cleaning just two rooms in my house. Two down only three more to do before Christmas Eve, and I'm not including the bedrooms! 

I'm not even sure where it all comes from, or more precisely, who it even belongs to. The elves, pixies, fairies, hobbits, gnomes and the rest of the little people must think my house is a storage unit as all the humans around here claim it isn't theirs. The socks down the sofa, the half glasses of milk found when the smell gives them away and the pile of shoes which grows just by the front door. 

I have yet to tackle the hallway or the kitchen, but I have done the dining room and the conservatory. It might not sound like much to those of you like Paula who never, ever put anything on the table, but in my house a flat surface, or for that matter one not too sloped, means a place to put a piece of paper or two, a book, a parcel, make-up, mirrors...... the list is endless and so was the stuff on my dining room table. 

The table now.

The dining room tree.
The conservatory was worse. As our gateway to the garden the floor was liberally decorated with muddy paw prints, various half chewed toys, wellies, muddy shoes and due to the wet weather soggy socks. The coat rack was bulging with everything from scarves to summer hats and the sofa was piled high with paperwork that needed filing, bubble wrap (well you never know when you might need it), cardboard boxes (ditto), ice cream tubs (do I need to repeat myself) and of course those essential piles of old newspapers. 

The conservatory.
Today I will try and tame the hall and make a start on the preparation for my Italian Extravaganza. I've got twelve hungry mouths to feed on Christmas Eve and that means twelve hand made from scratch, individual 12" pizzas as no-one can agree on toppings. 

I hope you all have a peaceful Christmas and let's all raise a glass to those who we wish could be celebrating with us. 


  1. Indeed I am raising such a glass, and as to housewifery, just because you don't pick up after everyone else all the time that doesn't make you a bad housekeeper... unless you were getting paid to do it! Looks to me like you have done a wonderful job of turning things around, and perhaps in the new year people who are big enough to bend over and pick up a sock will do so.... LOL!

  2. Yes, every flat surface in my house gets filled up with papers, mail, etc. I always threaten to start a bonfire in the yard and toss everything that's paper into it and start fresh.I will be trying to do some "taming" myself, amongst more cooking tomorrow. Happy holidays to y'all. xoxo

  3. dear lorna,

    you've done such a good job de-cluttering; i hope it gives you happiness and satisfaction to see how lovely the conservatory, dining room, and festive tree look after all the effort you have poured into it. christmas can be a fairly long season - maybe just long enough for everyone to decide they much more enjoy spaces being pretty and peaceful, and NOT littered upon. perhaps the gifts for each person could be presented in a good waste basket - hint, wink, hint!

    have a glorious christmas eve feast - sounds so delicious.

    love, xoxo


  4. Happy decluttering! I had a friend for tea and cake yesterday and we cleared the Sofa of Doom specially. It was just my luck that she asked to see my sewing and I had to take her into the bedroom where FL had shoved all the stuff from the front room... SOB! The one thing I know about clutter: it never goes away forever!