Sunday, 22 April 2012

Time of year?

Well Mike has got to go for a chest x-ray tomorrow to see if the antibiotics did there job and to check there is something else causing the cough. Ironically it would seem that just like two years ago, he may now be going down with a sinus infection. He sounds a bit funny when he talks, (I know he always sounds a bit strange in the head but that's why I love him) and it reminds me of when he was ill and in hospital for weeks and weeks back in 2010. On that occasion he was admitted on May 7 after a couple of weeks of being off colour and then a week of gradually going downhill until he was so ill he couldn't swallow or even speak clearly.

It has got me thinking that may be it is caused by a reaction to a certain type of pollen. Is it a particular tree that flowers the end of April? Or is it simply coincidence or bad luck?

Polite answers will be gratefully received.


  1. Can his doctor do a kind of reaction test to various agents that might be causing the congestion? If he is allergic, that would be important to know instead of treating him with all kinds of antibiotics he doesn't really need. Intending some good answers are coming soon!

    1. I'm not sure his doctor would even taken my suggestion seriously, but I will mention it to him at the next appointment. Thanks for the advice. x

  2. Tim gets allergies every year when the trees start to bud and things bloom. Allergies can certainly lead to sinus infections, too. He gets hit in the throat also and his voice gets funny sometimes. That is why, 5 years ago, when he said he had a funny feeling in his throat when he swallowed, I didn't think much of it. Turned out, it was something different that time. He had a swelling in his throat that led to his strep and MM dx. This year, at the exact time he reached 5 years since dx, he got that itchy, weird feeling throat again. I'll bet allergies may have something to do with Mike getting ill the same time each year. Hope he clears up soon.

  3. Definitely could be a pollen issue. have you any oilseed rape fields nearby - the pollen of that one is horribly irritating and I note the bright yellow fields up here, even in the rain!

  4. Even though this is a beautiful time of the year - the allergies are so hard on many people. I hope Mike feels better soon!

  5. It is that time of year - Auntie Ann's hayfever has kicked off and of course Bud has itchy paws! Are Mike's paws bothering him? ;D