Friday, 2 September 2011

Lost in translation

Today I'd like to tell you all about our journey to Solfest. We decided as it was such a long way towing "Connie" our trusted trailer tent and with Mike still not being 100%, that we would stop off half way and camp for the night. So we found a really quiet campsite just outside Ormskirk where we could pitch up for the night.

We decided it was also the ideal opportunity to meet up with friends who lived "just down the road". I did have to bribe them with the promise of cupcakes mind you, so as Mike says about Toni, their friendship is probably cupboard love, although they don't live in a cupboard (well so Mike says.)

So off we went to the local pub for a bite to eat. Our friend started talking about her nephew who is currently studying at Lancaster University. When we drove past it the following day I realised it was four times the size of the campus I attended over twenty-five years ago. Any way she was telling us about a fancy dress party he had been to the previous year where he had to go as a "Furry Tails" character. Not having young kids anymore I assumed it was the latest preschool programme and that like students before who had become obsessed with Teletubbies and Sesame Street, it was simply the latest craze. She went on to describe his costume, vest, tu-tu, wings and explained she was surprised when he said he had only needed to buy the vest. It wasn't until she told us that his girlfriend had gone as Dorothy that the penny dropped. It wasn't a "Furry" that he had gone as, but a FAIRY!! In my defence I did have a really bad cold and I blame my bunged up head for the confusion. It did have us all giggling hysterically mind you.

Come back tomorrow for the continuing story of our trip. I might even post pics of our costumes.

Cupcakes before I added chocolate buttons and Rolos.

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  1. I think Furry Friends would have been more fun!