Thursday, 14 July 2011

Just add beef.

I thought I'd keep you all posted with happenings here in the sunny West Midlands. We've been busy in garden and Mike has had a couple of hospital appointments. More on that when he gets a chance to blog.

Today I decided to share my plans for our evening meal. I am going to make a lovely cottage pie with extra lean diced steak, which I will mince with my new electric mincer, carrots, peas and onions. The vegetables are of course home grown and organic.

I left the dirt on the carrots and onions to prove I grew them myself! I bet you are all glad I didn't grow the beef too.


  1. Quite lovely and sure to be extra delicious because of the Loving Hands at Home...

  2. They look REALLY good. There's nothing quite like fresh homegrown veg. We used to get an organic veg box delivered weekly and it was great and had nothing at all to do with the extreme dishiness of the farmhand! :O