Saturday, 4 June 2011

Something new.

The weather the past couple of days has been so fantastic that we finally decided to unwrap and use the beach chairs we bought last year.

Mine seemed to have something missing, I'm talking to Trading Standards.


  1. Yeah, where was That Hunk that was supposed to come with it? Did you at least get the magazine? Does it say on the package that "not all chairs are equipped as shown in the photo?" Shucks.
    Nine more days now? Intending that this week you are getting all the things done that you deem from The List must be done so that you can head off to your wedding day in a joyful, not fretful, state of mind!

  2. When you ring Trading Standards could you enquire about the glow that was missing from my Ready break when I was 10, oh and we didn't get a Pilsbury Doughboy in our ready to bake doughnuts either! ;D

  3. You are getting married and won't be needing him so when he turns up have him contact me. Thanks. :-)

  4. Hey Birdie, no chance, you never know when you might need a spare. ;-)