Sunday, 15 May 2011

I'm feeling a little list

Yes folks, the grumpy old man is BACK.
Bolstered by the current list of "important things to get done soon", I awoke this bright Sunday morning with a dark foreboding thought that it is only 4 weeks on Tuesday till I tie the knot and there are a few little things we need to get done first, and the builders in the meantime have decided they now need to come and measure up for the new conservatory before they knock the old one down next week ready to buld a new one....... OMG! not much is happening then....... i.e. my not gonna get done if i don't pedal faster....list.

1) Tidy the garage out and make room for the washing machine, tumble dryer , washing baskets and the only willing participant in the "keep everyboby clean and dressed" person....Lorna. (Note: garage not attached to house, so might have a problem if the builders don't get finished before winter!)
2)Concrete behind garage so I can erect a shed for all the extras out of the garage to go in.
3)Sort out the garden after the builders have finnished.
4)Prepare the folding camper ready for our trip up to Cumbria for Solfest Festival.
5) Make enough room in the house for people to be able to walk in and out.
6)Decorate the Lounge, Hall and Stairs  and fit new carpet in the hallway, where the electricians, plumbers and builders hacked out chunks earlier in the year.
7) Fill the Squash bottles.
8)Empty the sunlounge so that it can be demolished.

I think there are lots more things, but I can't think of them just now, and anyway if there is, I would never get them done anyway.
Must remind Lorna to ring the hairdressers tomorrow for her appointment on 14th June 2011, cause she keeps saying something important is happening on that day, and she doesn't want to look a mess.

Hooray, I have a solution to all of this: What gets done, gets done. What I fail to get done doesn't really matter, because I am still here breathing and relatively healthy and at the moment drug-free,and I have more important things to do, like worrying about  my friends and their health and making sure that Lorna's mounting panic about everything gets my full attention, cause she's such a diamond!

Chest feels light as a feather now that that lot is not residing on it.

How are you lot anyway?


  1. Point 5 - Yes I think that one is quite important.

    Point 7 - I thought it was a wedding not a marathon.

    Yes, I think being alive and relatively healthy trumps everything else. :D

  2. One thing that is satisfying about lists is checking things off. Might I suggest you expand the list to include a bunch of things required for each segment - as in #2 - what are the actual steps required to get a concrete pad completed? 1) measure the space, 2) estimate the amount of concrete required, 3) find a few friends to help dig the slab area, 4)buy the concrete, 5) find a few friends to help spread the concrete, 5) have a party while the concrete is drying for those 'few friends,' 6) put the shed in place OR find a few more friends to help erect the shed and then 7) have another party for the completion of the shed project!!
    I am doing well, and my relative with MM is as well... right now the sun is shining and all is right with the world. I intend the same for you two!

  3. Just reading this makes me want to nap! All those people who say, "What can I do to help?" Well here is a list!

  4. I've given up writing out lists, glad to hear that you have too! Now I just make mental notes, somehow it seems more appropriate?
    Love to you both.