Thursday, 14 April 2011

Thinning Thursdays - weeks 10 & 11, temperatures and tonsils.

You'll all be pleased to read that I'm still alive, despite having had a temperature of 38.5 this afternoon. The cause of my spike is plain for all to see, if they fancy staring down past my yucky tongue, I have tonsillitis. Yippee! I usually get it once a year around Christmas, but it was a bit late arriving, hopefully I will have had this year's dose early. Mike did consider calling the ward, until he remembered they wouldn't be interested in my spike, instead he has me drugged up on anything he still had lying around from his various infections and stays in hospital. Personally I wanted to try the garlic and malt whisky cure, but Mike wasn't keen.

So it's tuck myself up in bed and hope that tomorrow I feel a bit better. For those who still follow my dye-it, my weight loss over the last two weeks was three and a half pounds. Nearly half way to my final target so I'm really chuffed


  1. Wasn't it considerate of the tonsillitis to leave you allow over Christmas since you were otherwise occupied. ;D

  2. Hope you feel better soon and congrats on the continuing slimming!

  3. Yes, nothing like the bits and pieces of left over meds to give one a jolly nice ride... who cares if the throat hurts?

    Seriously, hope this note finds your recovered and great good news about the kilo krush!! You'll be in fine shape for your special day!

  4. Sore throat means no solid food so the weight is bound to plummet - yes? Unless you go for the ice cream cure I suppose...! Get well soon!