Friday, 29 April 2011

Thinning Thursdays - week "unlucky for some" 13

I'm late again. Why do I find it so hard to blog on Thursday evenings now? More precisely, why am I having such a hard time blogging at all? Lots of funny things happen, but I have a tendency to forget them by the time I sit down at the computer. I blame Mike.

Easter weekend came and went without much effect. The bank holidays were more an inconvenice than a relaxing holiday. That's the trouble with not having a proper, leave the house every morning type of job. We had another barbie, which everyone enjoyed. I never realised how easy and how tasty homemade burgers could be. Even better is the fact the whole family love the healthier quarter pounders they are presented with. Good news for any overbearing, blame ridden mom who feels responsible for the eating habits of her errant children.

Myeloma news; Mike had his four weekly visit to the hospital on Wednesday. His counts are slowly rising all by themselves, Dr AB reckons it will be a while still until they are good enough for Mike to be let out alone into the world of employment, too many unclean customers, if you get my drift. The good news is that both she AND Mike's consultant Dr SB are attending the evening party when we get married. Hang on that's not such a good thing, they might see Mike drinking 5 litres........... of beer!

Any way, weight loss this week, two and a half pounds. The half I should have lost last week obviously got stuck somewhere and had to tag along with this week's two pounds. That or it's the half a pound of finger and blood I lost when I shut my finger in the car door resulting in a bit of a need for stitches.


  1. OUCH! Double owy!! That made my stomach hurt to think about that pain... glad to hear about your TT success, though! I'm intending your wedding event is joyous, fun, and sorry I cannot be there to toast your future, but will be lifting a glass on high in South America on that day!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss. I made it through yesterday with no sweeties which may be why I'm flagging today - not literally of course. Commiserations on the boo boo! I hope Mike kissed it better!