Thursday, 17 March 2011

Thinning Thursdays - week 7.

After last week's success comes this week's mediocre offering. A measly one pound, despite all my efforts down the gym and continued healthy diet. Oh well, a pound is one small step towards my goal. Despite my slight disappointment, I will continue to work at it. That way, when the special day arrives, I will know I did all I could and any way my size hardly matters really. It will be the words that matter, not my dress size.

On that subject I am pleased to say we have started getting things for the big day. I'm not sure how much I should give away beforehand. Wouldn't you all like to wait for the photos? Inevitably there will be few, if any, surprises for either of us. It's difficult to hide a whole outfit when you share a wardrobe. Worst of it is, Mike's skirts are a size smaller than mine.  

1 comment:

  1. I finally weighed myself and had put on another 400g! So ;P to your 1lb!