Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I think I've been here before

Mike is having a wonderful day at the hospital having a much needed top-up of little red things. We're not sure if last Tuesday's results were a blip or someone else's, we just know that by Friday his Hb was 10.1 and creatinine 178. His platelets were down to 70 as well. So while Mike relaxes/sits bored stiff, I've been painting fence panels. It's not as easy as I had hoped. So far I have painted three panels in three hours.

The weather here is glorious. The sun is beating down on us, which is why I have had to give up painting for a while, the sun is too hot on my back and my face is starting to burn. I realise now that I should have put some sun cream on, I just didn't think I would need it in March! It feels like it did last May, when Mike had his long holiday and I spent all my spare time tending my vegetable patch. I just hope we get plenty more sunshine as the Summer approaches with evenings and nights of showers for my plants.

All this hard work is making me hungry, I could do with a Chorley cake (currants in shortcrust pastry) not to be confused with an Eccles cake (currants in puff pastry), as eaten by a lad from Southport who I met while at uni in Lancaster. He would toast his and eat them warm spread with butter. Delicious.


  1. Thank you for that pastry education. We've always called them Eccles cakes (when not calling them fly pie) and in fact I only eat Chorley cakes. And you went to uni, I mean you went to uni in Lancaster - that's where the eldest nephew is at the moment. Must go now I need to make a phone call. ;D