Tuesday, 1 February 2011


I thought that I would share a few of the lessons that I have recently learnt:
  • That blueberries taste way better when muffed. They are just weird!
  • That buying a bundle of assorted dpn on eBay means a Sunday morning spent sizing and sorting. Will I ever use them?
  • What a fat quarter of fabric is. Mike thought I'd said fat hind quarters, not sure why I'd be looking for those on eBay.
  • That Mike is an expert on curtain making. Especially good at sideline comments.
  • That builders arrive too early in the morning to have a proper breakfast and yogurt does get boring, bordering on revulsion now.
  • That too much choice can cause heated discussions. Who knew you could disagree on bell chimes?
  • That chocolate should be made fat and sugar free so I can have some.
Knitting continues to go very slowly. I have started a pair of mittens for daughter number 2 in the same purple wool. She has requested mitten style with fingerless glove underneath. You all know the sort, the ones where you can unbutton the mitten and fold it back.


  1. If you reduce the sugar in the blueberry muffins you can have them for breakfast and call them health / diet-food. I do! ;)

  2. Unfortunately I'm not allowed them even with less sugar. :( Only 18 weeks 6 days to go.

  3. I may regret saying this but I am not familiar with muffing a blueberry!

    Whatca doin' with fat quarters? Mmmmmmm!

    Ohhh I need to check ebay - I know Ruth gets a fair amount there but I can never find anything!

    I can take or leave chocolate but I can take and take and take midget gems! ;D