Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Oops, ouch and oh dear.

Now that Mike is back home, Toni has finally been allowed to open her present from Buddy, that arrived just before Christmas. I have to confess that when she opened it I didn't have my camera handy so there aren't any photos of it in all it's glory.You see Toni was very quick to relieve the poor thing of its tail.

As you might just spot, Mike is looking rather bruised due the lack of decent platelets. It has also resulted in a rather unsightly plaster having to be applied.

He bumped his head on a hook on the back of the toilet door in the hospital and then this morning he knocked off the scab and it was getting blood all over my pillow cases.

The really good news is that..... wait for it....... my bathroom is nearly finished. Faint, faint. Mike doesn't care either way as he is wearing himself out sleeping.


  1. Buddy said to me 'Paula I don't know why you are bothering with a tail on that there bunny. Toni will get her little teeth into it and rip that pom pom to pieces.'

    And I said 'But Buddy Mr Bunny looks so sad without a tail'.

    Note to self - next time listen to Bud! ;D

    Sexy plaster by the way!

  2. Shame about the tail but Mr Bunny still looks good and much loved already. Glad to see you safely back home. Take it easy now and make a great recovery and my very best wishes to you both x

  3. Hey - Mike is looking like that hunky guy in Glee who got the cheerleader pregnant - you know the one? (Tell him not to get any ideas!) Aw poor knitted buddy! Is it stuffed with doggie treats? Did it always have long ears? ;)

  4. Wah Fanku Missy!But me thinks you should have gone to Specsavers.....lolxx