Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Ok you win.

Mike had an appointment with his consultant at the QE this morning. He was a tad concerned about sitting in the waiting room, but we had little choice. Luckily we didn't have to wait too long though as it turned out. Despite reassurances on Friday that he would see P.M., we didn't get the chance to even say goodbye.

Instead of P.M. we were seen by Dr Shingirai, a wonderful doctor who looked after Mike some of the time while he was on ward. Dr S. originally comes from Zimbabwe and had many a colourful tale to tell. While he was removing Mike's Hickman line he chatted to Mike about how as a lad he messed around with car engines with his dad. They would hoist the engine out the car and clean it inside and out. As Mike was a mechanic in a previous life and had fine tuned cars himself, the conversation was enjoyed by them both, I just sat there smiling politely and tried to watch while he cut around and tugged at the line!

On the way home Mike told me how Dr S. had told him how different things were in Zimbabwe. He had told Mike that they only had one needle each, which they sterilised after each patient and carried around with them in their pocket. Like Mike related to me, they had to be careful how and where they sat down. 

Today's counts
WBC: 3.5
Neutrophils: 1.2
Platelets: 20

So that's it for the QE, no more appointments with PM, hopefully for ever more. New Cross here we come!!!!


  1. Well, Mike is certainly fortunate they are not doing all of this in Zimbabwe. And it's good to know the doc has had some experience with putting things back together!

  2. I know the NHS has it's shortcomings but fundamentally we are so fortunate.

    Yeah I bet Dr S had to be real careful he didn't get arsenic poisoning! ;D