Monday, 3 January 2011

Nine lives?

Day +9. I wonder if like a cat SCT patients need nine lives? It certain feels that way considering how many times they seem to go to the brink of death only to return (hopefully!) It doesn't feel like there is much to report. Mike is obviously still alive and seems a bit brighter than yesterday. The doctor said something showed up on the right side of Mike's chest on the x-ray, but of course the antibiotics will deal with it. The runs continue to be a problem, not helped by Mike's usual reaction to antibiotics. We are desperately trying to find a balance with all the drugs, some cause diarrhea which obviously need changing to try and reduce the chances of it happening.  He's not eating properly which I know is a common problem too. Over the last hour he has managed to eat a 150g tub of rice pudding, normal time would be 60 seconds.

Mike's hair has yet to abandon him. I wonder which will go first?


  1. Yay for rice pudding. A food that's not that bad on the way back either! ;D

  2. When you say you don't know which will abandon Mike first, did you mean you or his hair? or are
    you wondering which, um, patch of hair will fall out first. To the second scenerio, I won't ask, to the first scenerio, you simply MUST stick around, even if only to watch Mike go through puberty again. ;o) ;o) Can Mike stomach any bananas to help with the runs?
    Then again, chocolate always binds me up!
    If it does not let up, be sure they culture him
    for C-diff. I think he's turning the corner now.
    Things are bound to get better.

  3. Rice pudding? They should prescribe it on the NHS - ultimate comfort food! Hope you had some too!