Saturday, 1 January 2011

The Magnificent +7

Imagine the scene, tumble weed blowing across an arid, dusty track. On a chair sits a lone cowboy, his stubble flecked with grey. Strains of "Do not forsake me oh my darling" are carried on the wind. The cowboy starts to sing "I was born under a wandering star....."

Into town rides the magnificent 7. The first to arrive is Neutro Ned wearing nothing at all, a big fat 0.

He is closely followed by Platelet Pete carrying 44 small bullets.

Colonel W. B. Count on his white horse 0.1 had very little to say.

Behind the 3 ringleaders comes Nausea Nick, Fatigue Fred, Diarrhea Dan and Headache Harry.

The cowboy ran his fingers through his hair and looked them all in the eye.


  1. Hey cowgirl, have you been nipping at your man's meds over there or what?!!!! ;o)
    Very cute portrayal. Well there's something to be said for having nowhere to go but up. Things
    should get easier from here on in. Thinking of y'all and WOW Lorna. Just a stunning shot of you on facebook!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA - Very good - have a gold star and a midget gem! (Hey, now I know why midget gems make me feel better, the teacher used to hand them out in the infants.) ;D

  3. Thanks Denise.

    I wish it was a laughing matter, personally I feel like a deer in headlights. Scared doesn't do it justice and there is nothing I can do to make him feel better. A very helpful nurse told him he won't feel better til next weekend. (Auto-suggestion works wonders!)

  4. This is the worst when you have hit rock bottom, but there is no where to go except up. Now it's time for Mike to put on his steel toed cowboy boots and kick the magnificent 7 where the sun don't shine. Day +8 was a big turn around day for me when I began to feel semi-human again. Lorna, you are doing a fabulous job supporting Mike. Hang in there.

  5. "Get off your horse and drink your milk"! Lorna - you are certainly showing True Grit!

  6. Sorry, but I don't agree with that nurse and hate when people say things like that. No two cases are the same but with every patient that transplanted with Tim, there was a few day period that really stunk and then they felt better and better each day. Weak and a little breathless, sure, but not as bad as the few days Mike is just getting over now. I think this nurse is off and either way should not have told him he has another week to feel like this. And, you are doing just fine Lorna. If you were not anxious, you wouldn't be human, but you will be able to do everything you have to do for your "cowboy."