Friday, 7 January 2011

Friday The 13th.

Yes I know, it seems that Mike's treatment has hit every cliche in the book and it just so happens that day +13 has fallen on a Friday. Mike woke this morning with several completely bald spots and a bed full of hair.
As you can see it's not pretty nor is Mike's hair!
Mike asked yesterday if he could use the hospital's hair clippers, but no-one seemed to know where the were so I dutifully took in the ones from home.
Note the delicate patches of bare skin.
The thing that has really chuffed him is that he won't have to waste time shaving his legs for Tina Turner for a while as they too are nearly hairless.
I think you can see 3 maybe 4 hairs.
Any way I used the clippers and then Mike went off to shower and shave.
Chest hairs hanging on at present.
As you can all see Mike is feeling much better than earlier in the week.

So where are Mike's numbers I hear you cry:

WBC: 1.7
Neutrophils: 1.5
Platelets: 17

The only thing about Mike that's GREEN is his jim jams.
There was one strange thing that happened today. As I was leaving the hospital I spotted a couple of birds sitting on the road. What is so strange? Well the size of them for starters and their determination not to move even when approached by cars and people.

I'm just wondering where the other five got to and why they are almost a week late!


  1. Air traffic controllers were looped on holiday egg nog.
    Looking good Mike. What a trooper you are! You too Lorna!
    And re: Roo's question about slippers being birth control. Real ugly slippers with black socks would definitely work for me. ;)

    My security word is braterd. This is my new name for my pain-in-the-arse tenant.

  2. Mike is looking well, numbers good also. I shall keep up my positive thoughts and prayers. You will soon be home with your lovely lady. All very good wishes to you both - hugs.

  3. Fabulous news on the numbers. Keep it up and they will kick you out of there in no time. Mike looks great. Not everyone can pull off that look. So glad things have improved.

  4. Look at those neutrophils go - all the way into the ones! YAY!

    Tina Turner makes Mike shave his legs! Per Denise's last blog post (polygamy) - does Tina then do your washing?

    And why does Mike look happier without his top on? :D

  5. And those bushy eyebrows are hanging on! About the Swans...perhaps they got mixed up with the six geese a-laying and they are having a party somewhere? Great update shots... you are doing a great job, Lorna, in all respects!!

  6. Good to see Mike smiling and likely on his way home very soon.