Monday, 10 January 2011

Fingers crossed oh it's day +16

This picture is the very first time I saw Mike.
Hopefully tonight will be Mike's last night in a foreign bed and that from tomorrow he'll be back where he belongs, under my beady eye (thanks for that Paula). I know that when I get him home I have got to take really good care of him and not make him do the ironing for at least an hour or two. He tires very easily as most of you know either from personal experience or from looking after someone in the same boat as Mike.

Today's counts:
WBC: 2.8
Neutrophils: 1.9
Platelets: 29

Nothing to worry about. They haven't given Mike any G-CSF since Friday night and they say the drop is normal. He will have bloods taken in the morning before he leaves just to check things are ok. Then it's off home until Friday when he has to come back to have his bloods checked again.


  1. Was it Blues brothers day at work?

    Do you still have the builders in (if that's not too personal a question)? Could they knock up a seat half way up the stairs? They left me breathless and with Mike being that bit older he may need a rest halfway! ;D

    Yay for your own bed and a beady eye! ;D

  2. Yes builders still here, bathroom still not finished.

    Glad you recognised who he was trying to be.

  3. I'm so glad to hear things are heading in a good direction! Best to Mike and hope he finally gets a nice plate of food and a half pint (if he can't have the half pint yet, let me know and i'll have one in his honor!)


  4. That photo must have a story attached...
    Caption competition?
    Good news!