Monday, 24 January 2011

Fancy meeting you here!

After a fun packed morning on the phone (that's another story) Mike had an appointment at NX (New Cross) with Dr SB today. It was the usual chaos of:

Nurse: You're only booked in for bloods.

Me: But QE said see Dr SB or Dr AB

Nurse: I'll call him.

Mike: He was just going off somewhere with Dr AW, I saw them as I arrived.

Nurse: Oh, they must have been going for a coffee, I'll call his mobile. It's strange, the pair of them have been giggling all morning. (I should point out here they are both male consultants, draw your own conclusions.)

A few minutes later:

Nurse: Go and have your bloods taken and then AB will review.

Mike: OK.

So we duly went off and saw Jodie the local resident vampire (who has a gorgeous staffie by the way). Mike hung around and watched the machine sorting out his counts and then we took the print out back upstairs to be "reviewed".

So we are sitting in the waiting room, minding our own business, as you do, when suddenly we hear a familiar voice enquiring where Mike is. Mike is then greeted with "Hello trouble. How are you?" No it wasn't AB, but the slippery SB. Seems it didn't take him long at Greggs today. Now I might be mistaken, but I think he was actually pleased to see the pair of us. We've always had the nasty habit of making him laugh, goodness knows why.

Oh and counts for today:
WBC: 3.85
Neutrophils: 1.46
Platelets: 45

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  1. 22 days after SCT my figures were

    WBC 7.8
    Neutrophils 2.2
    Platelets 170
    HB 11.8

    I think Mr G should go easy on himself about being tired after getting all 'Handy Andy'. :D