Thursday, 6 January 2011


As you all knew at the start  (well you could have all sat there and worked it out), Mike's day +12 has turned out to be the festival of Epiphany, day twelve of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Traditionally it is said to be the day that the three Kings presented their gifts to the baby Jesus. So what present did Mike receive? His hair falling out! There is still plenty clinging bravely on, but with every move a couple more fall softly onto the bed.

Mike also had a bit of a surprise when he discovered that Sharon, a member of the MM under 50 club is in the women's bay next door. Sharon had an auto transplant last February and at the age of 40 had hoped for "at least 10 years." Unfortunately she had some pain at the start of December and they found a plasmacytoma on her sacrum which she had biopsied. On Tuesday she decided she could take the pain no longer and so at her appointment yesterday they decided she should be admitted to start on the dreaded dex and radiotherapy. Mike tried to visit but the sister said male patients are not allowed in female bays even though he WAS wearing his slippers..... get her!

Yesterday's counts were as follows:
WBC: 0.5
Neutrophils: 0.4
Platelets: 29

Today's are:
WBC: 0.9
Neutrophils: 0.6
Platelets: 21

PS. I forgot to mention that Mike has folliculitis!


  1. So are slippers a form of contraceptive? Am I missing some vital piece of education? ;)
    Sounds like things are improving...?

  2. It's good to hear that Mike felt well enough for a visit. Maybe if he dresses like he was Tina Turner again, he could sneak into the female ward. Yes, the dreaded hair loss. I'm used to it now. My last dose of Cytoxan was in September when it all fell out again. By the time of my transplant in December, I was sporting about a 1/2 inch to 3/4 inches of new hair. You're right, though, day +12 must be the magic number for hair loss. I got out of the shower one night and looked like a deranged clown. I had tufts of hair is some spots and completely bald in other. Surely this would have scared small children and perhaps grown-ups alike. I'm liking the cue ball look again right now. Hopefully,the next time my hair grows back it will stay with me much longer.
    It looks like Mike's counts are starting to rebound a little. That's good news.
    Hang in there Lorna, I love your blog and appreciate the time you take to do it. Venting is great for the soul. Much good wishes and prayers are being sent your way.

  3. So where you googling to check youd spelt it write?

    So this hostel takes SCT and non SCT holiday makers? WTF!

    Glad to see the neutrophils are making an effort. Although mine went up, then down, then, obviously, up again - that's just so you don't get panicy. :D

  4. This hostel will take anyone it seems. Maybe they could dog sit Buddy for you.

  5. Keep the hope! Platelets coming back and Mike wanting to visit the women's ward is a good sign. Pulling for you over here!


  6. Some time ago I posted on my blog a picture of a woman who was bald and had tattooed roses on either side of her head... her situation was alopecia, not cancer, but she was very nice and let take her photo... perhaps Mike is ready for one of those wipe-on type of "tattoos" that come off in the shower for his next presentation... sounds like he and the platelets are heading upward...