Thursday, 20 January 2011

Doldrums, diet and dettol

Toni is a bit fed up too.
To be honest there isn't much happening around here. Poor Mike has had a bit of a bad day and spent it curled up in bed, all that drilling yesterday must have worn him out. It isn't even as if I can cook up a storm as Mike is off most of the food he would usually eat. Cornflakes are out, fruit and fibre is in. No to ham but yes to bacon. One minute bananas are favourite the next it's apples and 30 seconds later clementines. Difficult to shop for when the nearest shop is a good walk away. Mike is clearly struggling mentally with the way he feels, he finds it hard to do nothing all day, but even making himself a cup of tea is too much at times. It could be a long six months for him.

The biggest problem for me is cleaning. I've tried various products with various scents, but so far all of them have made him feel nauseous. No I'm not using them to clean Mike, I use a brillo pad for that. It is incredibly difficult to keep the bathroom sterile when everything upsets his sensitive sense of smell and delicate stomach. I tried getting him to peg his nose, but that wasn't a popular idea.


  1. Peroxide would be just fine to clean the bathroom and doesn't smell. It's hard to find in spray bottles but it can be found some places. I don't think it will be 6 months at all for Mike to feel up to snuff again. 3, I would say. Tim felt fine after 2 but his dry skin issues took 3 months to clear.

  2. I use Earth Friendly products and microfibre cloths (I know you don't have to use stuff with the cloths but well you know - although that could be a temp idea). The earth friendly stuff actually works and does smell natural - quietly.

    I remember one of the nurses saying that some people get a heightened scent of smell and one chap told me he could smell dust (no, we weren't at ours).

    What above the old bicarb and lemon juice or white vinegar - or would that have Mike craving fish and chips? ;D

  3. Six weeks from the date of the SCT and he should be done with the doldrums of the chemo. He'll be weak but on the upswing and hungry again.

    Your efforts to keep things sterile are the unsung heroics behind the scene of the transplant. Patience and diligence will see you both through this.

  4. Oh dear - I had that problem with FL when he came home from hospital after his first dose of chemo - cleaning products made him heave. Even now, I daren't spray anything chemical in the same room as him. But saying that, Mr Muscle Green Apple "flavour" seems to be OK!