Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Looks like I better start shopping!

I have to confess, when I found out Mike was due to be in hospital over Christmas I decided to cancel the whole thing, well not so much cancel as postpone. As yet again there was no bed for Mike today I'm beginning to think he may well be still waiting AFTER Christmas.

Now let's be honest, if it were at all possible, then neither Mike or myself would want the trip. We really enjoy each other's company and would much rather have our own bed to sleep in. But the waiting is starting to take it's toll. Each night we worry about the next day and our sleep is fractious. We call at 10 only to be told try again at 12 and then today it was "we'll call you later and if you don't hear call in the morning. "



  1. I'm not bleeding surprised you're fed up. I'm fed up! B's fed up! Do they not know you have a blog and therefore it's not just you they are messing around? A ton of people are fed up too!

    Anyway to keep you busy - you should commit to a handmade holiday - plus it would keep Mike from colouring anything else other than pressies!

  2. Of course you are... here's an idea. Stop worrying whether it will be the next day or not. Intend that it will be the day after or whenever you decide it should be... and go to sleep KNOWING that is so... if nothing else you might get one night of good sleep together and that makes facing whatever the new day holds a whole lot easier. You know I wish you both the best holiday season you can have under the circumstances!

  3. Hang in there Mike. I just got my bed today. Melphalan will start tomorrow and stem cells will be reinfused on Thursday. As much as I hate being here, I'm secretly thrilled to miss the usual Christmas chaos.


  4. I can't believe this. I've always said that MM puts you on a roller coaster but this is ridiculous. Once in, they had better give Mike the "red carpet" treatment
    or else!!! Or as Tina would say it, YOU BETTER BE GOOD TO ME!!

  5. This is crazy. It's one thing to have a haircut or a dental check-up postponed, but THIS?! And it's not as if you can flounce off and say "I'll go somewhere else then!" Grrrr.