Saturday, 25 December 2010

I can almost hear the sleigh bells.

Like two small children Mike and I are sitting waiting for Stem Cell Santa to arrive. We've had reports that the stem cells are currently at -170 degrees C and so we've lit a fire in the hearth to help warm them as they come down the chimney.

We've had a lovely Christmas dinner with pudding and brandy sauce, shame they forgot the wine, coffee, mints and brandy. We did however get a cracker to share and Mike had a present when he woke this morning from the ward staff.

One of us will post again later.


  1. So it's a double room with dinner, b&b? Who got the hat from the cracker? Hope Santa was good to you both!

  2. Yes it was a double with dinner and I got to sit with the cracker in the hat ;-).No B&B though xx.

  3. Intending great success with the STC and time to celebrate the New Year once they are engrafted...