Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas time, mistletoe and melphalan.

That's one song you won't catch Cliff singing. The flight has landed and we have arrived at the holiday destination safely.
 I am currently sitting next to Mike who is sucking and crunching Ribena ice lollies while he waits for his personalised cocktail to arrive (Melphalan at 140mg/metre squared). We think B. must have been busy around the ward as the shelf life is only an hour (wink wink). He has already taken a small cocktail of essential pills including anti-sickness and dex. Whoopie, that will make for a harmonious Christmas.

It seems that Mike's arrival had already been announced to the chap in the next bed by another holidaymaker from New Cross who had arrived 5 weeks ago and enjoyed his stay so much he was reluctant to give his bed up for Mike. The Myeloma world is so small that our friend from New Cross, Wallace, is paying Mike a visit on Wednesday, more details to follow.

Did you all notice I said chap in the next bed? That's right, Mike is in a bay with 2 other chaps. Stop panicking, I'm sure they know what they are doing.  The chap next door (I mean next bed) has just had a visit from someone I can only assume was either a lecturer in Nuclear Physics or Santa on 40mg of dex. He didn't stop talking for two hours! Mike reckons he'd be great at deep sea diving as he wouldn't need to come up for air. Luckily the guy he was visiting has a chest infection and couldn't answer him through the oxygen mask or he might have been here until closing time!

Merry Christmas everyone and just think when you are opening your presents that you might have been given socks by Santa, but Mike is getting stem cells.


  1. I am not sure I believe what I am reading - a chest infection in the next bed? Are they clinically insane? I hope this is a temporary bed situation and you get a private cell soon, if only to restore peace for Christmas! Sending loads of best wishes and seasonal wotsits - good luck!!!

  2. You absolutely must ask them -- no no DEMAND them to move either the chest infection or Mike... at once!!!
    I intend this is done NOW for the highest and best good of all concerned - SO BE IT AND SO IT IS!!
    And all love and good intentions for the New Year and the new cells!

  3. I have to admit I got a tad confused after 'Nothing like a dame' and wondered about the accommodation arrangements - that's not a hotel it's a hostel and just do not tell me there's no tea tray and what about an ensuite - fingers in ears LA LA LA LA LA or rather TR LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA.

    Hey they do in on an outpatient basis in the states although I have to say I prefer to puke in private!