Monday, 29 November 2010

Lesley Roley and Tears for Hamada

Been a busy old week. The bathroom still looks like the proverbial bomb has hit it, but at least the electric wiring is now sorted. We have spent today doing all those delightful pre-mot checks that the hospital feels are necessary. Personally I keep wondering if they would ever turn round and say "sorry you ain't fit enough."

As some of you may remember, back in May, just before Mike decided to go all wobbly and spend the month searching for his very own tea tray, we went off to see Don McLean.

We reported how we had had a wonderful time and also how we had discovered a fantastic new talent,Miss Lesley Roley. Well with a bit of encouragement, that wonderful new talent appeared at a local club last Tuesday and of course Mike and I bought our tickets the day they were released. We also managed to drag along someone who recorded some of the songs which he uploaded to You Tube.

As Lesley played this song written by her dad for her, I burst into tears, I reminded me of Susie and her love for Hamada


  1. Thank you dear Lorna and Mike - 'tis beautiful x

  2. A new rare talent with a sweet voice... thanks for sharing that!