Friday, 10 September 2010

Peep show

Well it's day 4 of cycle..... I've lost count with all the interruptions, and Mike is looking a little bit like an elephant, all grey and wrinkled. Actually that's not fair, he's no more wrinkled than he should be at 40ish..... he has certainly got the memory of an elephant as far as his old friend from the age of three is concerned. Mike and Mike (no confusion there then!) have recently gotten back into contact after an estimated 35 years! I've had the pleasure of sitting with the two of them on two occasions now...... I think we are up to 1969 in the story telling..... not long to go then. That's Mike in the middle (notice he has two totties!) on 25th January 1966 and Mike C is bottom right corner peeping into the frame!

By the way, I'm thinking of moving to Amsterdam, I currently have 23 watchers on eBay! I certainly wish I'd always been so popular.

1 comment:

  1. I admit I am a little behind with things lately - but how long have you had those fish? I am entranced by the way they follow the cursor (okay, I know I'm easily amused).

    Hey Mike - Love the wallpaper - mock stone cladding inside - could start a new trend! ;D