Saturday, 24 July 2010

Sweet peas and cherryade

I thought I'd share this year's sweet pea colours with you all. As you can see we even mananged to grow myeloma coloured ones! Oh and the red ones are the same colour as my daughter's hair, which she made me dye about an hour after finishing school for the summer. The reference to cherryade is her's not mine!


  1. The flowers are beautiful but OMG, your daughter
    is a stunner! What a pretty gal. My niece dyed
    just a lock in the front of her hair that color
    a few years back. Very cute.

  2. I love the cherryade hair colour!

  3. Amazing colors - sweet pea and your sweet daughter!

  4. I think I failed to do the word recognition test. Let's try again...

    Fab colour! Why don't you do the same? Oh yeah - I know why - she would never speak to you again!