Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Myeloma Brain, or Vanity?

Wierdest thing today. Was walking through Schuh in Bullring Shopping Centre with Lorna this morning, looking at all the best in proper shoes, when I looked, as you do, into one of the mirrors in the fixtures in the middle of the shop. Then I looked again and then even HARDER. "Where am I!" I whispered to myself. " I've disappeared, I can't see myself". Squinting my eyes and moving really CLOSE to the mirror....... OOPS! Why is that woman with the cleavage giving me a look of amazement? NOT a mirror....it's NOT a mirror!


  1. Wait until you become folically challenged you'll be seeing yourself everywhere in duplicate! ;D

  2. A scary experience! Next thing you'll be looking for the gauze to start unraveling from around your head like in the movie "Invisible Man!"