Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Out of the mouths of babes.

As Paula put it, I feel blah. The almost permanent nausea is starting to get boring now, no-one told me that without a womb it would be impossible to even think about coffee, never mind drink it.

Any way this is meant to be a Myeloma blog, so I'll get back onto topic. Mike finally had his kidney biopsy yesterday. A day late, but it did mean he got two lovely units of blood on Monday instead. Mike was telling me during visiting yesterday that two medical students had been present for his biopsy. They asked him various questions about why he was in hospital and his medical history, standard stuff really. After a while though the first year student suddenly said "Can I ask you a question? What is Multiple Myeloma?" closely followed by the third year saying, "Yes I wondered that.". Mike of course obliged them, he can talk the hind legs off a donkey 99% of the time. He had just finished explaining when the doctor who was going to do the procedure reappeared. She told the students that if they wanted to be renal specialists then they really must go to the library and read up on the dreaded MM. (Now I'm not normally a squeamish person, but when Mike decided to try and relate the whole kidney biopsy procedure during visiting time yesterday I nearly parted company with my lunch. )


  1. There's nothing like education is there?
    And by the way, that "little" operation of yours isn't so very little at all, is it? Take plenty of time for yourslf, honey!

  2. I am appalled that these students knew nothing about myeloma. Think how horrible if Micky had been in the hospital trying to find out what was wrong. Sure, the older doctor may have caught it, but it just raises my temper to hear this. My nephrologist missed my diagnosis of myeloma because I did not have an m-spike. I am a lambda light chain only secretor.

    I am sorry the nausea is still there. I send prayers to you both. Please let us know about the kidney biopsy. Rebecca

  3. There is a theory that for every hour you were under anesthesia, you need to take a week to recover. This is supposedly due to the way that the drugs they used leave your system. I don't know the validity of this theory, but almost everyone I've known who has had surgery seems to follow this trend of not feeling up to snuff for a whole lot longer than they expected.

    So take it easy - pamper yourself or let someone else do it to you!!! Sending you good intentions for the nausea to moderate day by day... Sandy Banks

  4. Hope you're feeling better really soon. It took me a good while to feel myself again after this not so little OP - take care and all very best wishes that the Nausea will pass soon.