Friday, 7 May 2010

Green eyed or what?

Well it seems that Mike's jealousy (or should it be envy, I've never quite known the difference) got the better of him, and so, not wanting to be out done by Paula decided he wanted a tea tray of his own. Unfortunately the hotels around here are not quite so accommodating, and no tea tray is supplied.

At first it appeared that he was simply fatigued from the Velcade, but to be on the safe side they asked him to "pop in" last night to have some blood tests done. Four hours later they said everything was OK (relative to what they have been since diagnosis) and to come back today to see a consultant. Well Mike was extremely tired and apart from trips to the loo, slept from 9 last night until 11 this morning, I didn't wake him as I thought the rest would do him good. When he finally came down he still looked terrible. His face is all puffy, his lips doubled in size and his tongue swollen. Every time he tried to drink liquid leaked out the sides of his mouth, he said it was like he had been to the dentist and was still numb from the Novacaine. So after he'd had some brunch we went off to the ward to see someone.

They realised the second they saw him that he wasn't right (is he ever?). We were in very capable hands though, Dr. Rachael, (or it could be Rachel I didn't check the spelling). Mike had seen her on Tuesday and said how efficient (just like the latest gas boilers) and thorough she was. She asked him questions, prodded, poked, listened, tickled (his feet) and tested his reflexes. When it came to his tongue she asked "Does it look big to you?!" Actually she asked if it looked swollen, and I have to say it did, to me it looked twice the size. Assessment complete she went off to consult with Dr SB. A few minutes later she was back, with SB in tow. Mike repeated a few of the details and SB decided it was best to suspend all chemotherapy treatment, possibly ruling out Velcade, and that a MRI was needed to be on the safe side. (My panic at the prospect of no Velcade is overwhelming.)

Dr R went off to arrange the scan and about 20 minutes later came back with a wheelchair saying there was an empty slot now, so there wasn't time to wait for porters, she was taking him there herself!!! (I cannot praise her enough, Thornton's will be purchased tomorrow!) On the journey down she told Mike that she had been told that if anything went wrong she wasn't insured, just as well that Mike and I are old-fashioned and under the circumstances wouldn't think of suing. We have no idea when the results will be in, so in the meantime Mike gets a holiday away from me and the dog.
I did have photos, but cannot for the life of me get them to appear where I want them in the blog.

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  1. WTF - What if I run out of Primark knickers! How dare he! The pressure I am now under to keep everyone here from coming down with an infectious disease! Gill's mum's been taken into a home today for a week because she keeps falling down, she'd fallen yesterday but seemed okay! If it's any concellation I doubt she's got a tea tray either and I haven't really used mine that much, cold drinks are nicer at the moment. Anyhoo, try not to panic too much, I don't even know why I typed that because I am sure you will but warm wishes and plenty of hugs are being sent your way - mine are a little sleepy but will try their best to be with you as soon as they can! x