Monday, 5 April 2010

Quick update.

Just a quick update. Mike is still alive and has gone back to work today. It would seem all he really needed was a good night's sleep and some decent home cooking. Let's just say his hospital stay was less than successful and when I got him home yesterday afternoon he was possibly in a worse state than when he went in, with the exception of the temperature. At least he's sorted now.

It turned out that the reason they kept asking questions and seemed to be filling in endless bits of paper was......... they had lost a trolley with Thursday's notes on it, including Mike's. In my opinion we need Matrons back on the wards and staff who want to do a job and not just use work as a social event! There are some really good nurses out there, but my goodness there are some bad ones too.


  1. Hope you feel better, Mike. As your post intimates, Lorna, there are two things worth their weight in gold. Good home cooking and an excellent nurse! Hang tough! Sean M.