Friday, 30 April 2010

Bank Holiday Weekend kidneys.

It is confirmed, Mike is definitely allergic to Bank Holiday weekends. The slightest sniff of one and his kidneys go on strike allowing the dreaded creatinine to build up (or whatever it is it does ) in his blood. Well thank you very much kidneys. In fact yesterday was one of those days you just want to be over asap. Firstly there was Mike's dodgy results, then a letter from my bank saying someone had been trying to use my bank card fraudulently. They tried buying something online from Curry's for £500! When I told Mike what the fraudulent act was he asked how can anyone spend £500 on curries. (Dex head!) I had only just finished my call to the bank when the hospital called saying they want Mike to come in today for more blood tests and to see a doctor.

I'll keep the world posted if I have any further news. The biggest problem is we've got another Bank Holiday in four weeks time, might as well book the appointment now!

Update: When I checked with my bank this morning I found out they did manage to spend over £400 online! Bank say there is nothing they can do for me to make sure my direct debits go out on time at the start of next month! If I get my hands on the toe-rags!!!!

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  1. Oh deep poo! I have had two attempted frauds on my account, but my bank spotted one of them before it happened: someone was trying to release a car from the pound in central london using my bank details, when I was clearly several hundred miles away. Hope they get you sorted out quickly. Mmm curry - there's a thought for tonight's dinner!
    At least if an illness falls at Bank Holidays you don't have to ring in sick...? Yes, I know. Sucks.