Monday, 15 March 2010

A tin roof, a sunny day and a cat.

That's me up there with it. Now I've heard of people who clean (some of them fanatically) when nervous, me I sit and try to occupy my brain and check my phone every 10 seconds, just in case I have a message. Yep, Mike is at the hospital having his treatment. I'm sure as the weeks go by things will settle down for me, I'll know how long it takes and how Mike is going to react. But today I am staring into the great unknown and that makes me really jumpy. I'll post again later when I know more.

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  1. Aww Lorna.if its Velcade it takes 30 seconds to give after cannula put in ,thats after the maybe hour + wait for treatment chair to become free :)

    I've had my fifth Velcade today ,keep an eye on veins,mine were first given in the hand ,as had been the zometa and now my wonderful hand veins have vanished lots.

    So from contacting IMF ,who contacted Dr Durie ,I now have Velcade etc in arm veins mid arm from wrist and request good saline flush after,prevention is better... I think