Thursday, 18 March 2010

There is always someone worse off.

I was busy sitting here feeling sorry for myself after a bad night's sleep (it always makes me cranky) when up popped a status update for a friend on facebook. He was wishing a friend and his partner good luck for today as it's the first day of chemo. Now I don't know his friend or his partner, but a quick click took me to his info page. There I saw that he has a new baby and is the ripe old age of 24. Yep one year older than my eldest child.
A timely reminder that sometimes I might be angry at the world because of Mike, but I should always remember there are people out there who have a much greater right to rant, rave and be mad at what fate has dealt them.

As you may have gathered today is day 4 of cycle 1 with Velcade. I'm sure Mike will fill you all in when he gets chance. Also I forgot to mention that I got a call on Tuesday, inviting Mike to a special party at the Urology Department on Saturday at 10:00, bring a bottle too!

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