Thursday, 11 March 2010

Oh the shame of it all.

I am so glad I don't do a video blog. If I did you would see that I am still blushing. Today was Mike's ultrasound. He had followed their instructions very carefully, making sure he drank a pint of water an hour before his appointment. He'd kept his legs crossed and taken his own dressing gown in as they suggested. All seemed to be going exactly as it should. The hospital had sent out very clear instructions on what would happen, the undressing to the underwear, the checking they had the right person, the cold gel, the dimming of the lights etc. Mike went in, an appropriate amount of time later he re-appeared along with the radiographer both of them grinning from ear to ear.
Now what do you think caused such a reaction? This is the cause of my shame and embarrassment, Mike had decided, knowing full well that the lights would be dimmed, to wear his special, glow-in the dark message underpants! I will never be able to visit radiology again!


  1. HAHA!!!! I love it. Your Mike sounds like
    my kinda people. But do tell, what does the
    message say?!!!

  2. Your man is PRICELESS! Love it!