Friday, 19 March 2010

I told you so. Rant and rave.

Just to prove what I said yesterday is true I have just read Amanda's blog. For those of you who haven't seen it you can find it here
She is a lady who, despite losing her husband to jaw cancer just after her myeloma diagnosis, still managed to be positive through her two SCT and is determined to live to see her daughter finish school. If anyone doubts how lucky they are today, check out what happened to her yesterday.

I used to wish I could win just enough on the lottery to buy a bigger house so everyone was comfortable. Now I wish I could win enough money to fund finding the cure for myeloma. Only last night on the news they were talking about some bloke (I'm not big on news) who had been made a peer, thinking that he would pay 10's of millions in tax (they estimated by now 100 million) and yet he hasn't. Imagine how much money he must have to pay those sort of taxes, and what could be done in the way of research with just the tax money he didn't pay. It's so unfair sometimes.


  1. Oh no. Another young MM'er! Thanks for the link. I can't think of anything helpful to say to her. I hate this disease.

  2. I'm not too struck on it either - I'd have been quite satisfied with osteroporsis instead.