Saturday, 27 February 2010

Cluck, cluck

Well what chickens we both are. After a sleepless night (we were both awake, but neither of us bothered to tell the other) Mike decided to delay his tablet taking. We both know that chemotherapy is a necessary evil, still it's a scary thought. He was concerned that he had a full day at work and he didn't want to go ruffling feathers (we've read that Dex has a strange effect on some people, no change there then!) I have to say I agreed with him, I was a bit worried too (OK I'm terrified he might have a serious case of road rage!) So Sunday is the plan now. He still has to go to work, but at least it is a shorter day. It will also give him a chance to tell the bloke he works for that he isn't well. All Mike's days off have been spent at the hospital over the last month!

We did have a few laughs though yesterday. Most of the things said can't be repeated on here, I'll leave it to your imaginations, bearing in mind that Mike is taking Thalidomide, (being told if you can't be good be careful at our ages is hilarious!) There was also an incident when Mike told Dr SB that he was really pleased that Dr AB (the nice lady we saw) had been brutal with him about his prognosis. Mike now has a reputation for liking "brutal" women!


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  1. Be aware he is likely to "crash" from the Dexy's and need a very long sleep. And be grumpy. I am in awe of people who can keep working through this regime. My husband was like a zombie on CTD.